coMPass… is the guide to adult learning about Christian faith across the Mission Partnership.

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coMPass – building capacity for mission

Our purpose is to build capacity for mission by helping you find new or renewed excitement, depth and confidence in Christian faith.

coMPass – finding your direction

The core content will be delivered at a variety of venues on a termly basis. Anyone from across the borough will be welcome at any of the coMPass courses. The leaders of the coMPass courses are all experienced teachers in their area.

The courses running in Autumn 2018 are:

A Go(o)d Argument – Science and faith in dialogue

      What in God’s Name Are We Doing?

To download a leaflet/booking form for the Autumn term click here – Compass leaflet Autumn Term 2018


A Go(o)d Argument – Science and faith in dialogue – Isn’t science fundamentally opposed to faith? Hasn’t science proved God to be irrelevant and religion just hocus-pocus? Doesn’t the God-theory just fill the gaps that science hasn’t yet understood? These are big questions: let’s tackle them together! Extra learning will be provided either online via your mobile or through recommended reading. A course for absolute beginners in both science and theology.




What in God’s Name Are We Doing – What drives our mission? Let’s explore together how faith makes some of our key initiatives tick.




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