Author: Ann Harris


VentureFX Report for 2012 from Rob Winn

Venture:MK It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Milton Keynes nearly a year already. And I’m still finding new places and making new friends. As I approach the end of my first year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the last 12 months and highlight a few events that I felt were significant.  January 2012 January was a month of getting to know people, forming ideas and finding my way around! It was in that first month that I made many useful contacts and many new friends. Early on I formed a good link...


Christian Foundation

Having an interesting conversation at the moment about reconnecting the Christian Foundation with the churches. The extraordinary work of the Foundation with young people through its various social enterprise projects seems to have gone rather unnoticed of late: I keep coming across people who are unaware of what it does and when they see for themselves are blown away by it.  I can’t help thinking that if each of the churches made a real connection with one of the projects here  – the Urban Farm, the construction, recycling, motor mechanic, catering outlets – then not only would the Foundation be...


Signs of Hope

  MISSIONPARTNERSHIP NEWSLETTER December – January 2012  Signs of Hope Dear friends As a child, one of the real signals for me that Christmas was on its way was the arrival of the Advent calendar. I delighted in opening each of the doors knowing that it meant Christmas was one day closer each time. Advent, for me, was simply the run up to Christmas. It was only much later that I discovered that Advent’s focus was not really Christmas but the future, the establishment of God’s rule and glory for all to see and know. Where we now glimpse signs...