Author: Ann Harris

November Newsletter

Dear Friends, At prayer this morning, the Bible reading for the day was the opening few verses of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. In reading it, I was struck by the depth of passion that Paul expresses for that fledgling church. He talks of  “holding you all in my heart” and  “yearning for you all with the affection of Christ”, sentiments that keep recurring in different ways throughout the letter. This contrasts with a kind of distance that I note at times in the way we (and I include myself in this) speak about the church: it can feel like...

Milton Keynes Council of Faiths – Grant Applications

The Milton Keynes Council of Faiths have grants available. If you have any projects which would promote inter-faith relations, then please complete the grant application form below and return it to Douglas McCall, email:, by Wednesday 31st October 2018. Applications will be considered at the November meeting of the Council of Faiths. More information about the MK Council of Faiths can be found here pdf version of the Grant Application Form For a version in word, please email

October Newsletter

Dear Friends, In a poem which marks a critical turning point for R.S.Thomas, he resolves to go “onward to the tall city of glass that is the laboratory of the spirit.” Thomas is writing here about the experience of prayer, but the words could easily be applied to Milton Keynes and the challenge of being the church here. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to claim that Milton Keynes has always been a laboratory: experiment is in its DNA. That is true of the initial planning of the city, of the way that the plan has developed and changed and of the...

September Monthly Mailing

Here is the September Information Sheet containing lots of Events, News and three Job Vacancies MP Information Sheet – September 2018 Please find below posters/flyers for some of the events: St Mary’s Day Celebration – Sept 2018 Stuart Townend flyer – Sept 2018 The Healing Power of God – Oct 2018 Garth Hewitt concert – Oct 2018 Sanctuary Training – Oct 2018

coMPass – Autumn 2018

We are pleased to announce our Autumn 2018 coMPass courses which are: What in God’s Name Are We Doing? – What drives our mission? Let’s explore together how faith makes some of our key initiatives tick. Monday Evenings at St Andrew’s Church, Great Linford.  A Go(o)d Argument – Science and faith in dialogue  – Isn’t science fundamentally opposed to faith? Hasn’t science proved God to be irrelevant and religion just hocus-pocus? Doesn’t the God-theory just fill the gaps that science hasn’t yet understood? These are big questions: let’s tackle them together!  Wednesday Evenings at St Michael’s Priory, Willen. Full details...

September Newsletter

Dear Friends, When we talk about the sustainability of the church, what are we trying to sustain? For me, this is the key question posed at the July Assembly. I suggested that it is something of an “onion” question whereby we need to keep peeling back the layers of our responses until we get to core motivations, the things that really matter to us. I would hope that such an exercise would take us beyond the propping up of a building or the survival of a group and drill down to why Christian faith matters not just to us personally...

MK Flood Victims’ Fund

Following recent floods in MK, in which a number of homes were damaged, Woughton Ecumenical Partnership (WEP) has set up a Fund to help some of those affected, as many of them live on their ‘patch’.  Funding decisions will be made by a Panel made up of WEP Trustees and representatives of Woughton Community Council. If you would like to donate to the fund, please go to the Just Giving page – Grateful thanks to those churches who have held Retiring Collections for this fund. For further information, please contact

July/August Monthly Mailing

Here is the July/August Information Sheet containing lots of Events, News and a Job Vacancy for a Youth Leader: MP Information Sheet – July & August 2018 Please find below posters for some of the events: St Mary’s Wavendon Summer Fete – June 2018 Strawberry Fair, St Mary’s Woughton – June 2018 CBA Footsteps – Invitation to Open Evening at Christ the King, Kents Hill – June 2018 Friends of St Lawrence Concert – 7 July 2018 Come Closer Day Event – July 2018 Beer & Hymns – July 2018 And some further information: Information about the Milton Keynes Community...

July/August Newsletter

Dear Friends, In the June newsletter, Alison Drury, our chair of trustees, helpfully set out the rapidly changing context of Milton Keynes as the city looks toward doubling in size over the next 30 years. In reflecting on the last year, I am acutely aware of the impact that the scale of this change is having on the various strategic discussions within the churches, and so in my introduction to the Annual Report I wrote this: “At such a time, it is vital that we align as closely as possible around our common vision MK: a City Alive to God...

June Monthly Mailing

Here is the June Information Sheet containing lots of Events and News: MP Information Sheet – June 2018 Please find below posters for some of the events: Summer Farm Fest – June 2018 URC Newport Pagnell Series – June & July 2018 St James Summer Fete – June 2018 St Mary’s Wavendon Summer Fete – June 2018 Strawberry Fair, St Mary’s Woughton – June 2018 Friends of St Lawrence Concert – 7 July 2018