MK Deanery – Deanery Organising

Synod has given some very helpful guidance on the projects that MK Deanery will prioritise over the next two to three years. We have limited resources, so it is very wise to focus. We will have more impact if we concentrate on a relatively small number of key issues.

The top three priority projects are:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Affordable Housing
  3. Domestic Abuse

In each case, we’ll have a project team, a team leader and a member of staff assigned to work with them. We will encourage the team to build partnerships with other groups and organisations, and we will promote this work through our various channels of communication. I think we should be able to make a big difference!

These projects will run alongside a number of parish and deanery “development” projects involving church planting, boundaries, deployment and so on… The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee has a very full agenda of its own.

We are also pleased to have a new Deanery Finance Team who will be presenting their proposals for a new Share Allocation Scheme at the July meeting of Synod.

Communication and Young People were raised as issues, but we don’t have the capacity to run big projects at this stage. We will carry out a review of our strategy in both areas over the coming year. Perhaps something big will emerge in future.

The issue of refugees and migrants is an important one for us as Christians in Milton Keynes. We live in a diverse, multi-cultural city at a time of global crisis. It’s important that the Church speaks up for all those who are marginalised, whether they are homeless, hungry or displaced. God calls us to see all people as our neighbours.

Although we will not have a priority project that focuses on refugees, we will continue to work with Refugees Welcome and the Red Cross. We will encourage churches to engage with refugees – and consider Community Sponsorship as a way of helping families.

Tim Norwood, Area Dean,

05/07/18 – Bishop Steven’s Blog – Climate change and fossil fuel investment: the facts

“On Sunday 7 July, I will be introducing an amendment to a motion in the General Synod in the debates on climate change. You can read the full motion from the National Investment Bodies (the NIBs) and the background to the debate in my previous blog post…”



The Baptist Times – The online newspaper of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Two significant Christian resources were released on International Women’s Day. The Sophia Network published research into women’s experience of the church. It was a report of highs and lows: two thirds of women had experienced sexism in the UK church; several barriers facing women in leadership in the Church were highlighted; a number of positive experiences were chronicled. The Network is encouraging churches to sign up to its ‘Minding the Gap Manifesto’ – eight commitments to making their congregations places of gender equality.

On the same day, a database of women who can speak at local, national and regional Christian conferences and events was launched. Project 3:28 is encouraging Baptist women to create a profile with a photo, bio, and their specialist areas. Baptist theologian Steve Holmes, one of those involved in setting up the project, expressed his hope that ‘there will be a mighty army of gifted women offering themselves to the UK churches to preach the gospel and to teach the faith.’

Next steps for Next Meal 
A Baptist who manages a soup kitchen has launched a website that harnesses technology to connect homeless people with food – and is expanding its reach beyond London



Milton Keynes Methodist Circuit website –

United Area Service – Sunday 25th November 2018, 4pm at West End United Church, Wolverton. This will be an opportunity to give thanks for all those who lead worship in our churches and to commission Jane Brough, the new lay worker for Queensway Methodist. More details here