How Mission Partnership Works

The Mission Partnership is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO, charity number 1,159,204). We are governed by a Trustee body which includes as Presidents the five regional leaders of the sponsoring denominations. In addition to regular meetings of the Presidents and Trustees, an Assembly is held three times a year which brings together representatives from all member churches. Alongside necessary business, the Assembly engages in wide-ranging discussion about mission in Milton Keynes.

Day to day ministry of the Mission Partnership is overseen by the Director of Ecumenical Mission who works collaboratively with the Trustees and Presidents to excite ecumenical mission in the city.

This day to day work is informed by four groups with membership drawn from across the city.

  • The Mission Engagement Strategy Group is responsible for the development of the mission strategy of the Mission Partnership.
  • Bringing together the local denominational leaders, the Ecumenical Oversight Group is responsible directly to the sponsoring denominations for ecumenical relationships and working.
  • The Co-ordinating group connects the work of the Mission Partnership with the Ecumenical Oversight Group.
  • The Finance group oversees the resourcing of the Mission Partnership.

The Mission Partnership is based at an office at the Christian Foundation in Wolverton, supported by an administrator.