Welcome to the Mission Partnership


Here  is our Vision – A City Alive to God – Vision Outline (powerpoint)

We want it to inspire you.

We want it to help you do things differently.

We want it to lift your horizons beyond the church to the Kingdom of God, from the present to dream of a future in which God is at the heart of things.

We hope it will open your eyes to the ways in which God can bring life in all its fullness.

We hope it will inspire you to fresh commitment to the place God has put us and the people we are called to serve here in Milton Keynes.

We hope we can find new ways of working together with God and one another to see MK come alive.

Read it.

Share it.

Embed it within your language, your meetings, your thinking and your praying.

And, together, let’s make Milton Keynes: A City Alive to God